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Expert Bike Fitting

Trust the hundreds of cyclists and triathletes throughout the US who have trusted Expert Fitter Brian Grasky for their increase in power, comfort, and overall performance. Brian is a certified Retül Fit Specialist and experienced on road, tri, TT, and mountain bike fits.

Retül Certified since 2010, he's completed over 500 fits on athletes from enthusiasts to professional racers and Olympians.  
Brian is an experienced and certified elite-level coach so he brings more than just fitting to the service.  He fits primarily at the Oracle location. 

James is not only an elite bike racer, but is an elite bike fitter as well.  With a keen eye and intuition for fitting, he can find the best solution for comfort, power production and injury risk mitigation in his fit clients.  He is trained on the Retül system and fits out of the Speedway location.  

Unlimited Retül Fit

$349 with Brian

$325 with James

The most accurate fit available

Integrated bars and complex fits may incur additional fees

Utilizes the Retul Digital 3D Motion Capture System to get the most accurate in-motion measurements. Learn More

Not just for the elite, this is recommended for any riders who wants the most in performance and injury prevention, and for those wanting a comfortable ride.

Free adjustments for 4 weeks after initial fit as needed. 

May be additional costs for excessive adjustments due to complicated bike setups.

*Second bike, same visit - $200

Professional Fit


Ideal for recreational riders and the budget-limited
Integrated bars and complex fits may incur additional fees

You'll get the same expertise and experience in our fitters, but we'll use uses static measurements rather than the 3D digital Retul system.  

Recommended for those with clip-in pedals and those with budget constraints.

Free adjustments for 2 weeks after initial as needed.

May be additional costs for excessive adjustments due to complicated bike setups.

Basic Fit


Just the basics, please!

A full bike fit for new bike purchases and those newer to cycling.  We will ensure your bike is set up properly for maximum comfort and minimal injury risk.  

Does not include new part installation. Not for riders with clipless pedals. 

Additional costs for excessive adjustments due to complicated bike setups, clipless pedals and cleats, and other add-ons.

*Included with bike purchase from TEPC. May apply $99 value toward Retul or Professional fit if desired.

Additional Fit Services

Footbeds, Cleats, Saddles and More

Pre-Purchase Fit ----- $150 ($100 goes toward bike purchase and post-purchase fit)  
Not sure which bike to get?  Come in and let us get you the information you need to make the right decision.  Not every bike is for every rider--your strength, flexibility, and needs determine your bike options.  We will use Retul technology to dial in your bike choice, whether it's a bike we carry or not. 

Retul Futbed Custom Footbeds ----- $125 ($100 with Unlimited Retul or Professional Fit)
Sore feet? Hot spots? Discomfort? Retul technology, years of orthotic knowledge in the system. Full custom fitting, podiatrist quality footbed, over-the-counter price.  Accomplished at Speedway location only.  Contact Brian for scheduling.  
Cleat Fit ----- $30 
Professional fit of cleats. Considers fore-aft setting, platform, lateral rotation, heel alignment, and overall foot placement. Does not include cleats.

Saddle Fit ----- $30 
Professional saddle placement. For sale saddles, demos, or bring your own. Considers saddle selection, saddle height, fore-aft alignment, and tilt. Does not include saddle price.

Fit Tweaks ----- $75/hr (1 hr min)
If you've been fit within the last 12 months and need a quick check, this is your option. If it's been more than 12 months or you've seen fitness, equipment, or body composition changes, it's time for a new fit. Tweaks are free if your Retul or Professional fit was within the last 4 weeks.