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Sportworks TranSport Two-Bike Carrier

Sportworks TranSport Two-Bike Carrier
The TranSport Rack secures the wheels, not the frame.
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Sportworks designed the bikes-on-buses racks, used by over 3 million people every year. So when they turned their attention to a quick-mount car rack, we knew it would meet our highest expectations.

The Transport receiver-hitch series works with either 2-inch or 1 1/4-inch receivers. It takes only seconds to load your bikes, secure them and get going. And if you have a 2-inch receiver, you can add the optional TranSport Add-On to carry up to four bikes.

Watch the animation to see how easy it is to use a TranSport Rack.

Because of this unique feature, you may have enough room in your garage to leave the rack mounted to your vehicle and still get the garage door closed.

The TranSport Add-On (#250102) is available as an option for the 2-inch TranSport Carrier (#250120).

How do I know what I need?

1. You need to determine if you have a 2-inch or 1 1/4-inch receiver hitch (this rack doesn't work on ball-type or draw-bar hitches).

2. If you have a 2-inch hitch you can carry up to 4 bikes. If you only want to carry two bikes, you need # 250120. If you want to carry 4 bikes, you need both # 250120 and # 250102 (shown as separate item in this category).

3. With a 1 1/4-inch hitch you can carry two bikes using # 250121.

4. If you have a spare tire on the rear of your vehicle or if you need more clearance for other reasons, you need an extension. If you have a 2-inch hitch, you need # 250123. If you have a 1 1/4-inch hitch, get # 250125.

5. The 1 1/4-inch rack comes with extra rise due to the fact that most vehicles with a 1 1/4-inch hitch are lower to the ground. If you purchase a 2-inch rack and need extra ground clearance, you need # 250113.