Brian Grasky

I began racing triathlon and mountain bikes in the '90s. I was a runner in high school near Tucson, then became a triathlete and mountain bike racer in Colorado while at the US Air Force Academy. I had a passion for endurance sports and had a few strong influences in high school and college who shaped me in sport and life, and motivated me to pay it forward and help others. As an Air Force F-16 instructor pilot I quickly found a passion for teaching as well. Upon returning from a tour in Japan, I started coaching and fell in love with it. I also started racing at the National level in triathlon, mountain biking, and Xterra triathlon.  A bad mountain bike crash while racing in 2007 ended my racing career and I started Grasky Endurance Coaching that year. As business grew it only made sense for me to open Tucson Endurance Performance Center to continue helping and training others. Still passionate about endurance sports, I enjoy watching others succeed in the sport and build an overall healthy lifestyle.

Tucson Endurance Performance Center grew into a full-service triathlon and bike shop.  We have road, mountain, triathlon, gravel, cruiser, e-bikes, and accessories for all.  We'll work on anything and have the most experiences techs in town.  We have go-fast gear, look-cool gear, and get-you-down-the-road gear.  

I also own and operate Grasky Endurance Coaching. My team of expert coaches take athletes from newbie to finisher, from novice to podium, from middle of the pack to champion, from dreamer to pro, and pros to the highest level. Triathlon, cycling, mountain bike, running.  See what's going on over there.  

Brian's Qualifications and Achievements:

  • USA Triathlon Level 3 Certified Coach.  One of 19 in the world.  Qualified to coach at the Olympic Level.
  • USA Cycling Level 2 coach.
  • Cycling skills expert, road and off-road.  
  • Running skills expert.  
  • Former Pro cyclist and triathlete. 2x Kona racer. State Champion cyclist. Regional Champion XTERRA athlete. Member of 8 National Teams. Best of the US State Champion. Multiple World Championship qualifier in triathlon, Ironman, Duathlon, XTERRA.  AZ State Champion in road cycling, mountain biking, and triathlon.  

"Downhill Dane" Higgins

When Brian was racing, there was one mechanic that was allowed to touch his bike.  When Brian decided to open a retail location, he sought after that same person to head up the service and sales departments.  They formed a business partnership and it took off.  They've formed a great team behind the service counter and on the sales floor.  

Dane developed his love of bikes at an early age. In Jr. high he slapped together his first bike with parts he bought at a police auction. Soon in his teens he was racing XC in Tucson and Phoenix. After high school he worked up to general manager of Tucson's biggest chain of golf stores. Dane continued to work and race while managing his first race team. After he saved enough money to go back to college, he quit golf and started working at a bicycle retail store and attended classes. His passion for Downhill racing started at the Arizona state finals at Sunrise resort in northern Arizona. There, he competed in an exhibition DH race and took second. While attending college and working full time, Dane started No Brakes Racing. No Brakes grew to be one of the biggest DH/Jr. Development teams in the western United States. While Working full time and attending classes, he found time to start traveling with some Pro teams. Park tools, Hayes, and Azonic were just a few of the teams he wrenched with at national races. After working in shops in Tucson and finally finishing two degrees, Dane Graduated. Initially interviewing with major cycling companies such as Trek, Specialized, and Raleigh, He decided to explore a career in electronics. With the help of a friend, he work his way up to sales engineer at a local electronics firm and took his place in his cubicle. Everyday five o’clock couldn't come fast enough as Dane dreamed of hitting the trails and riding. With his friends wanting his expertise in maintenance and suspension repair he decided to leave that industry and start Guru Suspension. Finally Dane partnered up with Brian Grasky to build the best performance center in southern Arizona.